Stephen Isaacs discussing EM portfolios at Asia Institutional Investment Summit March 19-20, 2013

Stephen Isaacs is attending the 2nd Annual Asia Institutional Investment Summit in Seoul, Korea March 19-20.

He will be on the panel to discuss and give Alvine Capital’s views on how to redefine emerging markets portfolios for a new era.

Over the past ten years investors from all across the globe have been pouring money into “emerging markets” investments in search of ever elusive returns and diversification. The session will posit the argument that, due to heavy investment into the more commonly recognised emerging markets, China, Brazil, Russia etc their asset values have risen and are no longer able to provide the returns and diversification sought by investors. Instead investors should be looking into the opportunities to be found in a new set of emerging economies or “horizon markets”. The session will focus on: the case for horizon markets and the role these assets should play in an institutional portfolio; the best ways to access opportunities in horizon markets; how can horizon markets create value for investors as a sub-asset class; and how to manage the risks of illiquidity and political instability in these markets.