Download the HEDGE FUND RADIO from 4th November 2013

Download of the Awesome November 4th edition of the <Four times Sony Awards-nominated> N@ked Short Club
on Resonance FM [104.4FM within London/online worldwidevia]
(Hosted by Dr. Stu with superb guests: Andrew McCaffery– Global Head of Hedge Funds, AberdeenThomas Raber– CEO, Alvine; Simon Fox– Director, Mercer;
Quentin Thom– Director, Kinetic; Charles Gubert– Editor, COO Connectplus Sublime Poetry from Pele Cox, Starsong from Joanna Checinska &fab music:
the Orb/Gong, Velvet Underground, Rovo/System 7 featuring Steve Hillage, Jefferson Airplane, Harmonia)…is below [Download should take c. 1 minute]: