Alexander Munster Dahl discusses Nordic hedge fund managers in Finansavisen

Alexander Münster Dahl, client relations manager at Alvine Capital, discusses Nordic hedge fund managers in Finansavisen, a Norwegian financial newspaper.

Alvine Capital discussed Norwegian hedge funds and the best performing Norwegian hedge funds in the Norwegian financial newspaper, Finansavisen, 11th of January 2013. The newspaper highlighted that, Norwegian hedge fund manager, Andreas Halvorsen’s Viking Global Investors is ranked the second most-profitable hedge fund in the world in 2012.

Mr. Dahl commented on his performance saying, “Halvorsen is considered to be at the forefront of the industry. He excels at stock picking in the right sectors.” On the subject of fees, Mr. Dahl explained that “everybody knows you need to pay for quality. [Here at Alvine Capital] we try to find funds that are not as well known. This takes time and most larger investors do this themselves, so we need to be a step ahead.”

Alvine Capital also highlighted other Norwegian hedge funds in the article. Norges Bank Investment Management’s (commonly known as the Norwegian Oil Fund) founder and first CEO, Knut Kjær, started Trient Asset Management during 2012. The firm’s master fund, Trient Global Macro Fund, has been seeded by Halvorsen’s mentor, Julian Robertson of Tiger Management. Mr. Dahl described it as being “one of the most exciting new-starts [in the hedge fund sector in Europe] last year. They have an experienced team and it is not everyday one gets a seeding from Julian Robertson.”

Mr. Dahl also commented on Taiga, another Norwegian fund. “Taiga, which is a small, but good fund that has generated positive alpha.”